Race Rules and Regulations page

**All participants are required to download, sign and return this form prior to the race.**


GCR Safety Requirements & Day of Race Information Start Gate will be at Lewiston Public Dock, 115 North Water Street, Lewiston, NY 14092 Finish line will be at Fort Niagara State Park, Youngstown NY -South ramp All teams must arrive by 9AM for registration, photos, safety check, and launch time. Launch starts at 11AM Please make sure you arrange to have transportation in Youngstown at Fort Niagara to pick up contraption at race end.

The following safety precautions must be adhered to or you will not be able to participate.
1. Each participant must wear a life jacket at all times (failure to do so will result in disqualification)
2. Each participant must be able to swim 100 meters
3. Additional line secured to contraption –Approx. 25- 30ft to be used for towing if needed
4. Each contraption must have 100 ft. of rope with a marker/buoy attached in case contraption sinks. (Clothesline is acceptable as well as a milk jug, plastic container, etc.)
5. Each contraption must have a paddle for each participant
6. Distress Flags will be provided at registration
7. Whistles or blow horns are recommended for each contraption in case of emergency. The Alexa Foundation staff and volunteers do not condone any use of alcoholic beverages in /on/or consumed prior to the race- if any are discovered it is grounds for immediate removal from the race.
8. All participants must be 16 years of age or older to participate in The Great Contraption Race.