How the Alexa Foundation can help you

It Happened to Alexa Foundation provides family members or trusted friends financial assistance to be able to attend a court trial with their loved one who has been a victim of rape or sexual assault.

We recognize the undue financial burden imposed on the victim and family. The Foundation offers assistance to defray costs of transportation and housing, so that the victim’s support person can attend and take part in the criminal justice proceedings and be with them at this most difficult time. Our mission is to encourage sexual assault victims to report any sexual assault to law enforcement and promote effective prosecution of sex crimes.

Rape victims who reside in the U.S., and who are about to testify in the criminal trial are eligible to apply for financial assistance to cover the expenses of a support person or persons who will accompany the rape/sexual assault victim to court. (The district attorney’s office typically covers the cost for a rape survivor to return to the jurisdiction for a criminal trial).

Qualified support persons are parents, guardians, other family members or close friends of the survivor. The trial venue must be over 60 miles from the residence of the support persons in order to qualify.

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